Communicating Is Ever More Essential

We Are Here For You

Our 42 years of experience as a Language Service Provider has us equipped to manage
your translation and interpreting needs during this time, and your evolving needs for
diversified language products nationally and globally.

• We are providing Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), telephonic appointments, and
  essential on-site visits through our network of qualified interpreters.

• We are managing provider/patient/interpreter connections for your own hosted VRI.

• Document translations, script/subtitle translations and transcriptions, and language
  services for your corporation are fulfilled by our remote project management team.

• Our immediate-connect-to interpreter conference call services are in full operation.


The Executive Linguist Team

Reach us 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM across all US Time Zones / 12:00 PM GMT to 12:00 AM GMT

1-800-522-2320 (USA and Canada)
1-310 376-1409 (Elsewhere)