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Stephen Chin

York Risk Services Group | Sr. Casualty Adjuster | Property and Casualty Claims

"We just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Osiris Savar has been doing in regards to her Spanish statement translations. I use your services daily and my peers would agree that she is the best for the job and a valuable asset to your company."

California State Certified | U.S Federal Court Registered | Interpreter/Translator | for Korean Language | Certification #300853

"I received the check today for the deposition on last Wednesday, 10/31. You guys at Executive Linguist are AWESOME!!!. Thank you so much, Lupe and the pleasure of speaking with you after the depo on that day was really all mine! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, I hope to hear from Executive soon again!"


Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Medical Intensive Care Unit | UCI Medical Center

"I just wanted to email feedback for the Korean/Mandarin interpreter, Douglas Lin, from Executive Linguists who assisted us today. He was prompt, highly professional, respectful, personable, and sensitive to the needs of our family at a very difficult time. Do you have the email of Executive Linguists or would you mind forwarding this email to his supervisor? I greatly appreciated his assistance today. Thank you for your help in arranging it. I would welcome his support again any time."


UCI Douglas Hospital

"Katie Woo reported that Dr. Kapessi at UCI, Douglas Hospital told her yesterday after two family meetings with a hospice patient and family that she has used many interpreters, but that Katie is the best. Katie was very pleased because it is very demanding interpreting  for 6 or 7 doctors most of whom speak fluent Cantonese or Mandarin and use highly technical medical terminology with many abbreviations."

la canada.jpg

La Cañada School District

"Our staff members were very impressed with the Korean interpreter that you sent for Justin Lee, Judy Oh.....just an FYI..."


Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

"I have worked with Executive Linguist for over 10 years now and have never had anything but outstanding service. I first worked with this firm with my prior employer. I had been put in charge of a project to negotiate an agreement to reduce cost for our clients for interpreting services. I was able to work out a sliding scale for reduced charges based on volume of referrals. This agreement replaced a pre-existing program and reduced our client costs while increasing the level of service dramatically. Executive Linguist allow my staff to increase initial claim contact with claimants by taking on the role of contact point. We would contact Executive Linguist at initial contact attempt, and if no contact were made, they would follow up until contact was achieved. This ongoing contact effort was made at no expense to my company or the clients we served. Use of this service allowed my staff to improve internal and external audit scores and reduced claim / client costs through more timely and thorough investigations. I am still using this service at my current employer. My current employer has not set schedule of fees with their interpreter, however, my staff routinely uses them in the same manor described above. Why? Because it works and they get their contacts. Further, at time of initial contact, we provide the claimant with the Executive Linguist contact number for future call ins. We instruct them to make the call to Executive Linguist and they will assist them in reaching us. Again, there is no charge to my company or my clients until the contact is achieved."

la canada.jpg

Fourhills Investigations, Inc., dba The Intuitive Group #PI 25428

"Sue, Again, I appreciate you and Daniel helping me out over the weekend to set up this morning’s interviews in Petaluma. Gonzalo did a great job; he’s a class act and I’d love to work with him again. Your firm has been doing a great job for us—just wanted everyone there to know they are appreciated."

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