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Translation & Transcription

Translation can be traced back to the very first time human beings expressed feelings and attitudes into script. Today, translation is a dynamic process and the best bridge between cultural gaps, unifying disparate civilizations across the globe. As a science and an art, the best translation is invisible, the translator’s creativity subsumed into the exchange from source language to target.


Our core mission is to deliver the absolute best quality work to our clients through transparency, commitment, dedication, integrity and expertise.


The most crucial aspects of a transcription service is to provide accuracy and a fast turnaround at a reasonable cost.  40 years plus of experience in this field give us the edge needed to get your job done.



Executive Linguist Agency Inc. has been providing translation services across all major industries for decades.

Our language experts tackle everything from multinational insurance companies to personal documents.








What to Expect From our Service


Mistranslations are risks to your reputation and credibility, and can cause greater damage than simple financial loss. Our translations are produced  with an eye for detail that no machine can replicate. We carry the specific tone, and marry the cultural relevance to produce a reliable consistency throughout.


Our methodologies have been refined over decades to insure the integrity and confidentiality of our clients’ content. We have never had a single leak or breach of our systems.

Professional experts

Languages speak through their people, expressing subtle and discreet nuances that shape, color and shade our cultures. That is why human-based translation will remain preeminent long into the future, these qualities that A.I. cannot duplicate.

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