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Spanish Speakers in Los Angeles

At Executive Linguist Agency, we do a lot of Spanish interpretations nationwide, but especially locally in the Los Angeles area.  Therefore, we have a huge network of Spanish interpreters. In fact, all of our in-house interpreters are fluent in Spanish.

Why do we need so many Spanish speaking interpreters? The answer is simple: Los Angeles County has the nation’s highest percentage of Spanish-dominant speakers, creating an urgent need for interpreters.

Ever since 1848 when “Los Angeles and the rest of California were purchased as part of theTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,”1 from Mexico, this city has been deeply influenced by the Spanish language.

The new Hispanic migration which started during WWII, as the Bracero Program2 has, in fact, never ended.  This migration was heavily concentrated in the Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties,  as the population today confirms.  

Today there are Spanish speakers here from every country that uses Spanish as their native tongue.   As a consequence Interpreting and translation services are vital in this huge confluence of  Spanish and English cultures.


Our mission is really to facilitate the process of creating a level playing field of understanding where we  can help Spanish speakers navigate different situations where English is the dominant language.

We provide translations of everything from instruction sheets for rice cookers to insurance forms and benefits booklets for worker in their respective fields.


We are also involved in everything  from interpreting at a medical appointment so a doctor can relay information accurately to a patient to serving as an interpreter for an employee who filed a Workers’ Compensation claim in an English speaking legal system– and everything in between.


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