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September 26, 2015
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What do translations company do

What Do Translation Companies Do?workers comp translator

Translation companies like Executive Linguist Agency in the Los Angeles area aim to make communication as smooth, accurate, and professional as possible between parties that don’t speak the same language.

For example, if a Spanish-speaking employee is injured at work, the employer’s workers’ compensation carrier will need to provide the claimant with a workers’ comp benefit explanation statement in Spanish. A translation company can translate the workers’ comp statement into Spanish for a written version and also provide interpreters for a telephonic explanation or an in-person interview at the claimant’s home.

What is a Translator?

Translators receive written text in one language (the source language) and directly translate it into written text for another language (the target language.) The need for a translator arises often, especially for insurance companies, medical facilities and universities.

What are Some Common Client Types for Executive Linguist Agency?

We specialize in insurance work – in addition to translations arising out of claim processing,  we  translate a lot of employee manuals, accident statements, workplace procedures and similar for HR Departments at various companies. We also translate business newsletters, scripts for movies and television shows, and informed consents for medical researchers.

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