Certified Translators in Los Angeles

February 1, 2016

Checklist for Becoming a Better Translator

To become a better translator, you need to be more than just bilingual. Even with the best dictionary on hand, a translator may find it hard to find a suitable equivalent for a word. Translation is a craft that must be practiced consistently from the very beginning. Here are some tips to improve your translation skills: Start by translating into your native language instead of from your native language – until your skills improve. For example, take an excerpt of any topic from any website written in your target language and translate it into your native language. Spend at least […]
February 1, 2016

9 Step Translation Process

All translated documents must undergo a multi-step process from beginning to end in order to be of the high quality that is expected from translators at Executive Linguist Agency. This process might look something like this: Review the original document – Before even thinking about how the document will need to be translated, the translator reads over the original document in depth to get familiarized with its content. Preparing the document – The translator will make notes about any tricky spots that might require some research (such as terminology they are unfamiliar with) or how to accurately translate idioms or […]