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February 22, 2016
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technical-translation-losangelesIt is important to carefully choose who you want to do your technical translation jobs. A good technical translator will already have experience working with technical documents — either from a variety of industries, or better yet, specialize in one industry such as legal, medlegal, medical, or academia. Experience is an invaluable asset when it comes to looking for someone to do a technical translation and this experience shows in the quality of the translation document produced. The right kind of translator should be able to tell when there is an error in the original document, for example, because they are familiar with the industry-specific terminology. They will also know when something doesn’t make sense or seems to be illogical.

Traits of a Good Technical Translator

A good technical translator will be able to research or find out how the product or process works before they begin the translation process and you should expect them to ask sensible questions about your text.

A good technical translator will also include pictures or diagrams when feasible with a translated technical document. If they are actively involved in the industry at hand, they will have a glossary with related terminology, which is useful for large projects and helps ensure that only a good quality translation is produced. Their familiarity as well as the glossary will help make the translation job get completed more quickly also.

Keep these ideas in mind when looking for someone in the Los Angeles area to translate technical documents from English to Spanish – or any other language for that matter.

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