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At Executive Linguist we offer a wide variety of services that cater to your interpreting and translating needs. We have provided services for Workers’ Compensation related cases since our inception in 1978. We cater to businesses and firms in both the public and private sector, fulfilling the needs of companies in the fields of entertainment, technology, medicine, law, international business and government.

We offer interpreting (speaking) and translation (writing) for many specific tasks and needs; including conference calls, court cases, medical visits, immigration documents, business meetings, letters, articles, legal hearings, trade shows, subtitles, parent/teacher conferences and many more.

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Insurance Transcription, Interpreting, and Translation

If you have an insurance-related need, request a service or a quote here.

Onsite Interpreting

Written Translations

Phone Conferences


Professional Interpreting Services

Interpreting is spoken communication from one language to another.

Onsite Interpreting

Phone Conference

Professional Translation Services

Translating is written communication from one language to another.

Written Translations