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February 8, 2016
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Legal Translation


legal-translationLegal translation requires a translator with a legal background or familiarity with legal terminology. Our legal translators in Los Angeles and around the country all have experience translating various types of legal documents including contracts, Court and witness transcripts, depositions, confidentiality agreements, wills and trusts, complaints, policies, licenses, litigation documentation, arbitration translations, and much more.

One thing that complicates matters is the even though legal documents might be written in English, they contain verbiage that is almost like a different language and requires a specially trained person to understand it, whether or not it is being translated into another language or not. When a legal document needs to be deciphered for both terminology and language, this requires translators to have a very special skill set. They have to be fluent in both the original and target language as well as legally trained to be familiar with the laws of their country. One cannot just translate a legal document word for word; it is important to understand all the legal implications of what is being translated before performing the translation.

Get Legal Documents Translated with Confidence

When getting a legal document translated, clients need to be able to rely on the fact that a legal document has been properly translated and will not cause legal, cultural, or any other issues down the road. Our translators realize that an improperly translated document can affect the rights and liberties for many different parties.

Some law offices prefer to pass responsibilities on to their clients by advising them to find a friend who can help with the translation or to look for a legal translator. In such cases, to insure accuracy, law firms may wish to request a back translation of the translated text so that the original and the back translation can be compared side-by-side.

Business Proposal Legal Translation

When you want to draft a business proposal into another language, you want to work with a translation expert that is familiar with the business and legal practices of all countries that are involved as well as both languages. You can count on us to handle all translations with accuracy.

Updating Legal Documents

Every now and then materials that have been previously translated require updating. It is common practice to update the translated files using track changes and to send two versions to the client, one with track changes and the clean version. This way the client sees exactly what has been changed in the translated version and can compare with the original translation.

Legal Formatting

Different countries have different ways of formatting their legal documents. When translating a document, the original formatting is used, but if there are differences between the language or country in regards to numbering or formatting files, our translators are aware of this and a plan is devised to satisfy all sides.

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