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Executive Linguist provides professional Spanish translation and interpreter services in Los Angeles. We provide High quality professional and certified Spanish translation services by expert Spanish translator teams at cheap rates.

Our professional Spanish translators are native speakers and specialists in the Spanish language, its local idioms and the cultural sensitivities of the various countries where Spanish is spoken.

We have Spanish translators with expert skills in a variety of industries. If the subject matter of your material is from the fields of:

  • law
  • government
  • business
  • manufacturing
  • medicine
  • technology
  • science
  • art
  • entertainment

we have a professional translator experienced in your field to fit your specific needs.

All of our translators translate into their mother tongue. Whether you translate from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish, your translator(s) will be native(s) of the target language. This ensures translations that read fluently and naturally.

Executive Linguist Agency has been providing high-quality, dependable Spanish translation services since 1978. In addition to our professional translators we have expert project managers. We assign a project manager to each translation project to oversee the project, maintain proper communications with the client, and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

More Information on the Spanish Language

Spanish is the most-widely spoken Romance Language, and the fourth most-widely spoken language in the world according to some sources, while other sources list it as the second or third most spoken language. It is spoken as a first language by about 402 million people, and by a total of 500 million people including non-native speakers. Some assert that, after English, Spanish can now be considered the second most important language in the world, due to its increased usage in the United States, the high birth rate in most of the countries where it is the official language, the growing economies of the Spanish-speaking world, its influence on the global music market, the importance of its literature, and the many regions around the world where the language is spoken.

Spanish is spoken in Spain, Mexico, most of Central America, large parts of South America, numerous regions in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean and also in enclaves and by immigrant groups in all continents.

Spanish is an official language in: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, European Union, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, New Mexico (USA), Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela.