english-chinese-translationMost people know that the Bible is the most translated book of all time. But what most people don’t know is how many languages it’s been translated into.

Ask someone on the street and they’re likely to say 100, 500, or maybe 1,000.

But it has actually been translated into over 2,700 different languages.

As a translation agency, we love languages and everything having to do with translations.

One piece of information we love to see is the list of the most common languages.

The ten most popular languages spoken worldwide are:

1. Mandarin Chinese – 882 million

2. Spanish – 325 million

3. English – 312-380 million

4. Arabic – 206-422 million

5. Hindi – 181 million

6. Portuguese – 178 million

7. Bengali – 173 million

8. Russian – 146 million

9. Japanese 128 million

10. German – 96 million

(Source: http://geography.about.com/od/culturalgeography/a/10languages.htm)

Now let’s look at the list of the most requested language translations.

It would seem like common sense that the most translated languages would follow the same pattern as the list of most spoken languages. But in fact, it’s very different.

Here are the most popular translation requests:

1. English Translations

2. Spanish Translations

3. Simplified Chinese Translations

4. French Translations

5. German Translations

6. Japanese Translations

7. Portuguese Translations

8. Korean Translations

9. Russian Translations

10. Arabic Translations

Not surprisingly, English translations are the most popular. Not only is it the most popularly used language in North America and Europe, but because it is the international language, it is also the most frequently used language on the internet. As such, Executive Linguist receives many requests where English is part of the translation pair. For example, English to Spanish translations, English to Chinese translations, and English to French translations.

Spanish comes next. With over 325 million people speaking Spanish as their primary language, and many businesses entering Spanish speaking markets, it is a highly demanded language for translation. Not only is there a large spanish speaking population in the United States, but also in Central and South America.

The #1 spoken language in the world comes in at #3 on the list of most translated languages. There are actually a few forms of Chinese, but the most popular used in translation purposes is Simplified Chinese. Simplified Chinese is the language used in mainland China. Traditional Chinese, another variation, is used outside the mainland, primarily in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

European languages are also high on this list. Although they may not be the most spoken languages in the world, many European countries are increasing the amount of business they do with other European countries. If they do not use English, they are using their native language. Because of this, there are a large number of requests for German and French translations, as well as Spanish Translations.

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