Professional Interpreter Services

Executive Linguist Agency, Inc. is a leading interpreting and translation services company providing nationwide interpreting and translation in any source language to any target language across many industries and applications.

Our clients are comprised of insurance companies, research institutes, academic institutions, product and service corporations, human resource organizations, hospitality programs, and entertainment companies, who all trust in our network of professional translators for interpreting and written translation and transcription needs.

The following are examples of industry areas and translation types in which we service on a daily basis and have in-depth experience and qualifications:

INSURANCE INTERPRETING AND INSURANCE TRANSLATIONS: Over the phone interpreting and on-site interpreting for worker’s compensation claims, auto and general liability claims, legal meetings and court appearances, investigations, medical appointments, Board hearings and more.

RESEARCH INSTITUTES DOCUMENT TRANSLATIONS AND INTERPRETING: Clinical trials, informed consents, patient consents, IFB approval translations, patient diaries, and medical appointments.

CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS TRANSLATION: Foreign relations and investor communications, legal documents, product labeling and manuals, website translations, phone conferences, on-site meetings, and travel documents.

HUMAN RESOURCES TRANSLATIONS: Employee benefits, on-boarding, enrollment meetings, employee manuals, codes of conduct, and notices of employee rights, and first-notice of injury letter.

ACADEMIC TRANSLATIONS: Newsletters, cross-campus communications, networking, course materials, books, research articles, and journals.

HOSPITALITY PROGRAMS TRANSLATIONS: Brochures, travel documents, menus, itineraries, policies and protocols.

ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY TRANSLATIONS: Scripts, script clearance, adaptations, closed captioning, international submissions.

LEGAL TRANSLATIONS: Immigration documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of death, court records.

Call us at 1-800-522-2320 to connect with an interpreter, to schedule an appointment for interpreting or to inquire about document translations. You can also email or fill out the contact form on this page.

Executive Linguist Agency, Inc., professional interpreting services Los Angeles, launched in 1978 to provide exceptional translation and interpreter services where professional quality and integrity were sorely lacking . Our certified accurate and guaranteed services garnered vast attention and we grew exponentially to cover national and global interpreting interests.

For a non-exhaustive list of languages we provide services for, please click here.