workers compensation intrepreterFinding interpreters is always interesting, but a couple of extra points have to be kept in mind when looking for interpreters for Workers’ Compensation claimants:

Here are some ways we find good interpreters at Executive Linguist Agency:

  • We consult the various lists of interpreters certified by the State and by national bodies. Different certifications are required for different types of requests on a case – medlegals, hearings, treating appointments, rehab conferences etc, settlement papers explanations…
  • We are members of the American Translators Association which maintains a list of certified interpreters.
  • Since we have been around since 1978, we regularly receive resumes directly from well qualified workers’ comp interpreters via our website’s resume upload page.
  • Interpreters who have worked with us for many years are comfortable recommending competent colleagues to us.
  • When a rare language is requested, (for example: Twi, Karen, Panganisan, Chaldean) and the public lists do not have any interpreters in the language, we consult our web database, universities,  places of worship and conduct online searches of associations of people from the country where the language is spoken.   That is a particularly challenging and enjoyable aspect of this work.
  • Once an interpreter is found we have to discuss in depth their background, qualifications and experience and decide if they have the necessary professional, calm and competent demeanor for the task.

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