Translation Software

February 8, 2016

Human Translation vs. Machine Translation

Human Translation: the Path to Professional Quality In the translation world, there has been significant emphasis on the development of technology and machine translations. However, the use of manual human translation is still essential to achieving professional quality for clients. As you can imagine, languages are a highly complex system of communication. The exact meaning of a given word/phrase can vary significantly depending on the following: Context Purpose of the communication Target Audience Even with the most powerful super computers, machine translation can only achieve approximately 75-80% accuracy, depending on the language pair. Furthermore, machines cannot guarantee the readability of […]
November 11, 2013

Translation Software vs. Certified Translation Services

When language translation software was introduced, many companies thought it was the solution to all their translation needs: it would be faster and cheaper. At the same time, many translators thought their jobs would become obsolete. But this prophecy never came true. In fact, the demand for human translators has been steadily increasing…despite language translation software. What is wrong with translation software? Why isn’t it the answer to our translation needs? To understand why, let’s take a look at a true story. An English speaking doctor was meeting with his Spanish speaking patient. The doctor had a basic understanding of […]