Spanish Interpretation

March 11, 2016

Top Challenges for Spanish-English Translators

Because Spanish is a Latin-based language (also referred to as a Romance language) it is markedly different than English, which is a Germanic language. These differences in origin create several challenges when translating into Spanish or vice versa. There are some obvious challenges a translator can encounter that we will discuss in this blog post. An adjective is generally located after a noun in the Spanish language, which of course is not the case in English and is something that native English speakers often have a hard time remembering. Spanish speakers can have a hard time forming negatives or interrogatives […]
January 15, 2016

Difference between Translation and Interpretation

Interpreters are not translators and translators are not interpreters. The two are not interchangeable. Specifically, a translator reads documents in one language and translates them as a new document written in a second language. An interpreter listens to spoken words in one language and speaks the equivalent of what was just heard into a second language. A Deeper Look at Interpreting Since an interpreter must come up with spoken interpretations on the fly, this does mean that an interpreter can never be quite as accurate as a translator, who has time to sit down with a document and rework it […]
December 1, 2015

Workers’ Compensation Interpreter Types

In addition to our translation services, there are a few common types of interpreters we provide here at Executive Linguist Agency for Workers’ Comp cases. While most cases require Spanish interpreters, there are occasions where Vietnamese, Korean, and other exotic languages are needed. Medical Interpreters Our medical interpreters bridge the communication gap between medical staff offering a diagnosis and treatment plan and their patient, who have had a work injury. Accurate interpretation is extremely important because the patient obviously filed the claim for a reason and could be seriously injured. Medical interpreters must be familiar with medical terminology in both English and the […]
November 20, 2015

Analysis of Spanish Speakers in Los Angeles

At Executive Linguist Agency, we do a lot of Spanish interpretations nationwide, but especially locally in the Los Angeles area.  Therefore, we have a huge network of Spanish interpreters. In fact, all of our in-house interpreters are fluent in Spanish. Why do we need so many Spanish speaking interpreters? The answer is simple: Los Angeles County has the nation’s highest percentage of Spanish-dominant speakers, creating an urgent need for interpreters. Ever since 1848 when “Los Angeles and the rest of California were purchased as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,” from Mexico, this city has been deeply influenced by […]