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About Us

Our business began with nothing but a family, its familiarity with Italian, Spanish and French and a portable typewriter in a spare room in 1977. The business steadily expanded to support the growing family. A story shared by many of those we interpret for, and one that taught many hard lessons about the value of responsibility.

We take those responsibilities seriously. Among freelance interpreters, our reputation is the result of the trust built since our founding. Unlike most of the industry, we pay our interpreters and translators twice a month, without fail. We attract and keep the best of our profession by cooperating transparently, faithfully, and honestly. We believe that ethos is key to our year-over-year growth from our small beginnings, 


Our procedures are the result of  forty years of careful attention to our mistakes and how to rectify them. Each one a valuable lesson in refining  our methods and processes to give our clients the smoothest and most reliable service possible.

Unlike many start-ups these days, we don’t seek to disrupt our industry. Instead, our aim is to make our role nearly invisible. To be the drop of oil that eases the friction when two people can’t talk to each other.

We believe that is important work. 


Executive Linguist Agency Inc. has been providing translation services across all major industries for decades.

Our language experts tackle everything from multinational insurance companies to personal documents.








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